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Microchannel Particle Deposition
Nano precision at micron scale


Frequently asked questions

Can you print on rough surfaces?

The stamp needs to adhere to the substrate for proper printing conditions. It is possible to print on rough surfaces as long as the roughness (Ra) is below 2 microns.

What material is the stamp made of?

The stamp is in-house fabricated by Mesoline and made from a polymer. Thereby is is flexible and can adhere to the substrate to properly seal which is required for the MPD process.

How many times can you print with one stamp?

The stamps are single-use, but recyclable.

Can you print with multiple materials?

Yes, we can print with up to four materials simultaneously. In other words, in one process step we put down stamp and can inject 4 different materials on the wafer/substrate.

What are typical sintering conditions?

This depends on the requirements of the material and possible substrate constraints. Typically the wafers are sintered between 250 - 500°C.

How do you fabricate the stamp?

The stamp is uniquely designed and fabricated in-house depending on customer design. Mesoline has developed tooling and production lines to produce these stamps at scale.

What substrate sizes does MPD support?

We can handle substrates from 100 (4-inch), typically used in R&D, up to 200 mm (8-inch) substrates.

How can you achieve high-aspect ratio features?

The key in the fact that we cure the ink while that stamp is still in contact with the wafer. So we first build-up the high-aspect ratio volume with ink, subsequently we cure the ink and remove that stamp. The highest aspect-ratio we have achieved is 1:5.

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Want to use a different printing material?

Please reach out so we can verify if the MPD process is compatible with your material.

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